Welcome to Gillingham

We at Gillingham Charter School offer K-12th grade students a unique tuition-free public education in a small learning environment designed to maximize children’s innate desire to learn and live fully. We want to be a school where students and teachers don’t have to go to, but WANT to go to!



Gillingham offers a Relational Education that is based on the ideas of Charlotte Mason.
This way of educating is deeply rooted in two primary principles:


Children are persons, thus they have the innate desire to learn and to live fully.


We offer students a “banquet of learning” to put them in relationship with the vast inheritance of knowledge around them—with others, ideas, and the natural world—through rich language and real experiences.



Why Choose Us?

Students don’t come to Gillingham merely to hang out with friends, learn facts, pass a test, or to prepare for college.
Students come to feed their minds and their souls.
Here, they love to learn and they learn to live and author a full life, rich in relationships with self, others, nature, and ideas.

Here they will find purpose for their lives.

For the children’s sake, Gillingham Charter School cultivates a respectful learning organization based upon the belief that children are, foremost, persons.

The nourishment of relationships, habits, and ideas through a Relational Education not only prepares students for future education,
but also fosters within them an avid desire for a life of learning,
enabling them to author their own lives confidently and resiliently.


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