Lower School

Vanessa Ludwig
B.A., Kutztown University
M.S., Wilkes University
ext. 151

Morgan Schreckengost
1st Grade

B.S., Mansfield University
ext. 156

Julia Schmoltze
2nd Grade

B.S., Kutztown University
ext. 154

Olivia Kercher
3rd Grade

B.S., Kutztown University M. Ed. Reading Specialist, Kutztown University (in progress)
ext. 152

Karen Shanoskie
4th Grade

B.S., Pennsylvania State University
ext. 161

Monica Meza
5th and 6th Grade

5/6A Homeroom
B.S., Pennsylvania State University mmeza@gillinghamcharterschool.org
ext. 150

Matthew Kercher
5th and 6th Grade
5/6B Homeroom

B.S., Penn State
mkercher@gillinghamcharterschool.org     ext. 159

Dina Boyer                                        Reading Specialist/Title 1 Coordinator            MAT, Moravian College                dboyer@gillinghamcharterschool.org            ext. 113


Colleen Altemose
Admin Building Secretary

ext. 101

Kathleen Benyak
Career Counselor
ext. 131

Krista Bevan Business Office
Executive Administrative Asst. to the DOD

B.S., Elizabethtown College
ext. 117

Anna Brovont Research and Development Coordinator
ext. 117

Edith "Edie" Cromis
Facility Manager
Teachers Aide
Certified Paraprofessional

ecromis@gillinghamcharterschool.org ext. 128

Rosella D'urso
Director of Organizational Development

rdurso@gillinghamcharterschool.org                ext. 102

Roseanne Heckman
School House Secretary
Certified Paraprofessional

ext. 111   

Dawn Housel
Data Manager & Food Service Director B.A., State University of NY at Geneseo
ext. 122

ElisaBeth Hutchinson
Enrollment/Communications Coordinator
ext. 121

Nicolle Hutchinson
CEO and Director of Education

BS, Lee College
M.S. Ed., University of Pennsylvania
nhutchinson@gillinghamcharterschool.org        ext. 103

Elisabeth Leggett
Schoolhouse Assistant

Vanessa Nguyen
Executive Assistant to the CEO/DOE 11th Grade Homeroom

B.S., Temple University
ext. 126

Leonard Martin
Athletic Director B.S. Health and Physical Education, Marywood University
lmartin@gillinghamcharterschool.org ext. 129

Marie Panchari
Licensed Social Worker

MSW, Temple University
BSW, Alvernia University
ext. 114 

Cassandra Shive                                      Director of Culture/Student Coach          B.A., Shippensburg University                    M. Ed. Kutztown University (in progress)  cshive@gillinghamcharterschool.org              ext. 125 


Middle and Upper School

Jillian Dove                                                                Middle and Upper School Math 7th Grade Homeroom                                      B.S. Ed., Kutztown University                                                jdove@gillinghamcharterschool.org ext. 215 

Marci Howell
Middle and Upper School Math Teacher
Title I Teacher

Assessment Coordinator
B.S., Kutztown University mhowell@gillinghamcharterschool.org
ext. 170

Candice Khan                                                                      Middle and Upper School Science                                        B.S., University of South Carolina                          ckhan@gillinghamcharterschool.org ext. 202

Matthew Macsisak                                                            Middle and Upper School English                                        8th Grade Homeroom                                                           B.A. Cabrini University                                                        M.Ed. Cabrini University                                               Certifications: Secondary English and Social Studies        mmacsisak@gillinghamcharterschool.org                            ext. 204

Frank McDonough Upper School Teacher Associates in Human Development and Family Studies B.S. Educational Studies  M.S. Criminal Justice                                                  fmcdonough@gillinghamcharterschool.org                            ext. 205

Supporting Staff

Heather Hill                     Building Substitute    10th Grade Homeroom B.S., Michigan State University    heather.hill@gillinghamcharterschool.org ext. 203

Sylvet Montejo                  Teachers Aide Certified Paraprofessional B.S., Silliman University College of Education                       smontejo@gillinghamcharterschool.org

Elizabeth Reiley                            Therapeutic Coach                      Bicol University Colleges of Arts and Science ereiley@gillinghamcharterschool.org

Trinda Shaull                                 Teacher/Administrative Assistant B.S., Lebanon Valley College                                      trinda.shaull@gillinghamcharterschool.org ext. 123


Preston Charlesworth
K-12 Music Teacher, Director of Choirs
12th Grade Homeroom

M, Music Education from Slippery Rock University
ext. 153

Brent Potteiger
Latin Teacher

B.A., Moravian College
ext. 173

Tyler Shaull
K-12 Instrumental Music Teacher

B.S., Lebanon Valley College
tshaull@gillinghamcharterschool.org ext. 213

Joseph Eye
Teacher of Spanish 9th Grade Homeroom

B.A., Hofstra University
M.S.Ed., Long Island University
M.Ed., Bloomsburg University jeye@gillinghamcharterschool.org ext. 183

Kassandra Gonzalez
K-12 Art Teacher
                                            B.A. in Art with a K-12 certification, Shippensburg University                  kgonzalez@gillinghamcharterschool.org
ext. 163

Kelly Long                                                       K-12 Health and Physical Education                klong@gillinghamcharterschool.org              ext. 200

Special Education

Kelsey Andrews
Special Education Teacher

B.A., Neumann University
M.Ed., Kutztown University
ext. 108

Julia Hager                                                    Emotional Support Teacher                              B.S., Virginia Tech                                                M.A., Virginia Tech                        jhager@gillinghamcharterschool.org              ext. 109

Jenna Troutman
Lead Special Education Teacher

B.S., Special Education M.Ed. Wilkes University jtroutman@gillinghamcharterschool.org ext. 108 or 109

Mark Major
Special Education Teacher

B.A. History, Penn State  Teaching Certification History/Social Studies, Alvernia University MED Special Education, Alvernia University (in progress) mmajor@gillinghamcharterschool.org ext. 108

Megan Sirkot
Special Education Teacher


Board Members:

Marsha Chwastiak, Board President - mchwastiak@gillinghamchartercshool.org

Sharon Klinger, Board Vice President - sklinger@gillinghamcharterschool.org

Scott Herbert, Board Treasurer - sherbert@gillinghamcharterschool.org

Michelle Koren, Board Secretary - mkoren@gillinghamcharterschool.org

Daniel Kurtz, Board Member - dkurtz@gillinghamcharterschool.org

Christie Werkheiser, Board Member - cwerkheiser@gillinghamcharterschool.org

Tricia Brensinger, Board Member - tbrensinger@gillinghamcharterschool.org