Believe it or not, not all wolves are “lone wolves.” Rather, they are curious, intelligent, loyal members of a pack. Wolves are very social, family-oriented and good at communicating with one another. That’s why we chose the WOLF as our school mascot.
We are the WOLFPACK: a group of committed, curious, intelligent, persevering, communicative teammates who work together to win and to learn!  

We believe in the power of sports and teams because it instills resilience, teamwork, self-motivation, hard work, communication and perseverance. When we lose, we get up again and learn from the mistakes. When we win, we walk with pride and treat the defeated with dignity. When we let the team down, we dig deep and bring our best the next time. Failure is a lesson, not the grave. We become winners in life when we learn this lesson!

If your child is interested in any of the Wolfpack’s sports programs, please contact our Athletic Director, Coach Lenny Martin
Phone: 570-606-7990

Wolfpack Wolf Logo.png
  • Archery: 7-12th co-ed varsity; competes in the Tri-valley Archery League

  • Boy’s Basketball: 9th-12th boys varsity; competes against small schools in PA

  • Cheer Squad: 7-12th co-ed cheerleaders and school spirit leaders

  • Cross Country: 7-12th co-ed varsity; competes in Schuylkill County’s PIAA

  • Fencing: Coming soon for guys and gals!

  • Indoor Soccer: 9-12th co-ed varsity; competes in the Berk’s County


If your child is interested in any of our clubs and committees, please contact our Director of Student Culture at ext. 125.

  • Academic Team: upper school quiz bowl team; competes in the Schuylkill Academic League

  • Chess Club: 5-12th graders learn and play chess and compete at least once a year

  • Garden Club: K-6th graders garden at Bunker Hill and create delicious, healthy dishes

  • Lego Club: K-6th graders create and design with Legos! (founded by students in 2013)

  • Girl Scout Club: K-6th grade girls participate during school hours or over the summer

  • Golf Club: 7-12th graders golf at Hidden Valley Golf Club in Pine Grove